Klima: Unge har lavet en ‘Sønderborg Unge-deklaration’

2. oktober 2019 Samfund

Den internationale klimakonference ’100 pct. Climate Neutrality Conference’ har fundet sted i Alsion i de seneste dage – og i dag, onsdag, kom de unge med deres bud på, hvad der skal til for at løse de klimaudfordringer, vi står midt i.

Greta Thunberg og mange andre unge har råbt højt og kræver handling. Ikke bare snak og tomme løfter og derfor har Ungeklimarådet fra Sønderborg og andre byer brugt tid på, at formulere følgende ‘Sønderborg Unge-deklaration’:

To whom this may concern.

Artiklen fortsætter under annoncen

Humankind is facing a crisis as never seen before. We are the youth, and we are raising our voices now.

We are standing here today because we are the first generation feeling the consequences of the climate crisis.

It has become extremely evident that humans have caused the greenhouse gases levels to rise at an unfathomable pace and they are at their highest in the last 800,000 years (WMO).

We are calling for you to listen to the leading scientists all over the world that agree on the following:

The climate crisis is real, and it is human-made.

We are the last generation that must take immediate action to restore the damaged world.

We are not here to point fingers or throw blame – We are here to reach out!

Only if we create unity and work together, will we be able to overcome the problems our planet is currently facing.

We are now standing here in front of you, reaching out for help to you, so we can form an alliance in order to ensure future generations a life worth living.

Skrevet af: Ole ole@sonderborgnyt.dk