Annonce: Syddansk-Kinesisk Forening samles første gang i Alsion

8. april 2016 Kultur



Invitation to the found of Syddansk-Kinesisk Forening and 1st Association General Meeting


Artiklen fortsætter under annoncen

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Syddansk-kinesisk Forening (Southern Denmark Danish-Chinese association) invites people from Southern Denmark to join the found of the association and 1st general conference.

The association welcomes everyone who are Chinese or interested in Chinese matters, e.g. language, culture, business, etc. The opening and 1st general conference will be hold on

April 9th, 2016 from 1 – 3 pm. at Alsion (room U109), Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

The main purposes of the general meeting are to find the common interests and select the board members. Please see the following agenda.


  • Welcome by Fei Yu
  • Introduction of the SKF bylaw and Danish tradition & rules about Forening by Jens Knudsen
  • Board members selection
    Fra Red Poppy Ladies nytårsshow i Alsion.

    Fra Red Poppy Ladies nytårsshow i Alsion.

    • Proposed candidates
    • Call for new candidates
    • Candidate self-introduction
  • Questionnaire about your expectation by Yi Liu
  • Break / Vote counting
  • Announcement of board members and Syddansk-Kinesisk Forenestablishing establishment
  • Next meetings
    • First SKF activity (to be announced by the board)

Tak for idag!


Artiklen er sponseret af Syddansk-Kinesisk Forening

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